Hi my name is Necessittee, and I'm 19 years old. :) I'm the oldest of three but I look younger than my sister. I live in the great state of Oklahoma and I'm proud of it. I'm going to college starting this summer and my college major is history education. I love history and English. :) if you need help with either just let me know, I'd be happy to help. I love writing, especially writing poetry! :)All poems belong to me, unless otherwise stated. I will give credit, where credit is due. I can be found on Wattpad under the same username. :) I support the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Central Oklahoma. I'm also an OKC Thunder fan. :)

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#selfie #freedom #fourthofjuly #independenceday
#selfie #fourthofjuly #freedom #independenceday
#selfie #fourthofjuly #freedom #independenceday

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The Killer (A Poem)

He drags the knife along the walls

as you hide in the closet.

You pray he won’t find you,

But he will.

You’re not his first victim.

It’s your blood he wants,

And he will get it.

As you try not to cry,

You realize you’re already dead inside,

But you believe you’ll make it through this.

Closer he gets,

And still closer,

Because you’re already his.

You close your eyes

And silently cry

Because this is it.


Bite me with your vampire teeth.

Show me your loss of humanity.

Show me how eternal life has cursed you.

Let my life flow into yours,

And as it does

You will feel no regret.

You’ve lived so long you have

Forgotten how to care.

I will drive this stake through your heart.

I will be the victor,


Because you no longer wish to live.


Never in my life,

Except maybe three times,

Have I ever seen you.

Each time you had a beer bottle or can in your hand.

You don’t want to help yourself

Because you are haunted by the past.

It’s time to throw away the key

And lift this weight from me.

It’s clear you’ll never hear what I have to say.

Can you stay sober for more than a moment?

Or is this wishful thinking at play?

I don’t want regret

But it’s going that way.

So I have this last thing to say.

If ever you’re sober for more than a moment

We’ll see if we can form a bond of some sort,

But first take a hand

And learn to stand

And one day we could be friends.

Blue Devil (A Poem)

He is the morning star,

But he’s not that far.

He’s evil,

Yes it’s true.

Don’t you sin

Or he’ll just grin,

And you’ll see him glowing blue.

His horns are as long as his arms,

His eyes as black as tar.

He’s very tall,

And you’re still small.

It will cause you fright for sure.

So beware,

Listen all,

Watch out

For the Devil that glows blue.